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Who We Are

El’Shabach Beauty was born out of passion for women, a sincere passion to be a blessing to every woman, by selflessly promoting her outward beauty with real clean Bionome (closest to nature as possible) through competitive services and products.

My love and awereness for creams started at age 23, as a frontshop manageres in a pharmacy. After the discovery of the cosmetic section, Beauty Therapy found me and an amazing journey started. As my bussiness grew after completing my B.T. course, I felt a void within the sharing environment with women. The void was to stand in the gap, with effective tools for those very well comunicated emotional and spiritual needs from my clients. Thus I started my studies in Pastoral Counceling.

We strive to create a tranquil, clean atmosphere where we address your needs. Weather it is simply a virtuous and professional service and making your treatment a memrable experience; OR connecting Therapeutically, it is all up to you...

As we recognize true Beauty from within, we are dedicated to excellence in our Spa Day Packages, or every small appointment. You are important enough, and recognized, at El’Shabach Beauty.

21 Years trading in the White River area industry and is blessed to continue to be passionate in our community for many years to come through their continue support, how can we ever say thank you enough.

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What Makes Our Products Different?

Our product guarantees 97% increase of moisture in 1 week and the products are the only bionome product in the world!

  • Free of Chemical Preservatives
  • Free of Chemical Colourants
  • Free of Chemical Sunscreen
  • Free of Mineral Oils
  • Free of Fragrance
  • Free of Oxygen
  • Free of Animal Derivative
  • Free of Packaging

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Rom 12:2 says ...” Renew your mind” - Use the quiet of the moment with the package of your choice, to reflect on the Values of God’s Word. Thus, refreshing your inner beauty, while setting time apart to be pampered.

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Learn your own personal internal language

Although we have a living body to care for, and it is our primary vessels hear on earth, we are not only what the mirror reflects in the physical. We are created for relational purpures firstly and foremostly. Our innerman is in constant war with our own yesterdays and the unknowns of tomorrow. Contact us for personal development growth and guidance.

Our Services

The services provided includes the ONLY Bionome product in the world!



We use a combination of streams to optimize absorption and activate cell renewal. The different streams combined, brings an onset of rejuvenation and rehydration for up to 21 days.


Manicures & Pedicures

Hygienic pedicures and manicures performed at highest standards. Cuticle care, full wet and dry buff and foot massage.



Enjoy a smooth skin with your choice of hot or cold waxes. See our pricelist for listings.

Body Sconic

The BodySonic and Rife Therapy

The BodySonic decodes the frequencies emitted by the different organs of one's body. Its functioning is based on the science of bio-electro-magnetics, also known as bio-electromagnetism

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We believe in the highest quality, that is why we use Dr. Baumann products.
Dr. Baumann use multi layered - skin Identical and skin compatible liposomes and ingredients.

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