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Where to find us

  1. Drive from Nelspruit to Witrivier
  2. Turn right onto Kruger Airport Road
  3. At 3 Direction stop turn left onto Witrivier side
  4. At Yaverland / Ezigrow turn right
  5. Drive 1,1km and turn left at Y5
  6. On this road the 2nd gate in right hand no 83
  7. Enter the gate El'Shabach
  8. Drive to the top through a 2nd gate
  9. Safe Parking infont of El’Shabach Beauty
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Who We Are

El’Shabach Beauty was born out of passion for women, a sincere passion to be a blessing to every woman, by selflessly promoting her outward beauty with real clean Bionome (closest to nature as possible) through competitive services and products.

Our Services

The services provided includes the ONLY Bionome product in the world!



We use a combination of streams to optimize absorption and activate cell renewal. The different streams combined, brings an onset of rejuvenation and Rehydration for up to 21days.


Manicures & Pedicures

Hygienic Pedicures and Manicures performed at highest standards. Cuticle care, Full wet and dry buff and foot massage.



Enjoy a smooth skin with your choice of Hot or Cold waxes. See our pricelist for listings.

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Learn your own personal internal language

Although we have a living body to care for, and it is our primary vessels hear on earth, we are not only what the mirror reflects in the physical. We are created for relational purpures firstly and foremostly. Our innerman is in constant war with our own yesterdays and the unknowns of tomorrow. Contact us for personal development growth and guidance.