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Invest in your personal development

We believe you become what you make of what life throws at you, and how you interpret your life and the lives around you in a belief setting. Seizing every opportunity to grow. Standing firm in your faith, and refusing to mould into the mold of inability to change.

Yes, we plan our lives, but yet we are not in control of our tomorrows. Thus, living and breathing today, every second and every breath in the present, is a functional platform to grow on. What does your and my present look like?

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At Profound we aim to help you Learn your own personal internal language

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Although we have a living body to care for, and it is our primary vessel here on earth, we are not only what the mirror reflects in the physical. We are created for relational purposes firstly and foremostly. Our inner man is in constant war with our own yesterdays and the unknowns of tomorrow.

Whether we are very rational or emotional we all have an internal language. My inability to understand my own personal internal language is what drove me to be an agent of change, rather than falling victim to what I am "unable" to change. Although we can't always change our circumstances, WE can change in the midst of OUR circumstances. This should be valued as a privilege and as purpose here on earth. Our lives become the testimony of these choices we make.

Endless benefits

You're healthier

When you’re involved in personal development, you’re more likely to value and take care of your health. Better health is also a side effect to many personal development habits.

Improve your relationships

When you improve the relationship with yourself, people are naturally drawn to you and your relationships you already have with others also improves.

Adapt better to change

When you embrace, accept, and seek change for yourself and your life, you’re better at accepting and adapting to unexpected or out of your control change.

Reach your goals

Setting goals is a major component of personal development. Reaching your goals is one of the main goals of personal development.

Make better decisions

Personal development can help you make better and more informed decisions. It also tends to involve reading which actually does make you smarter. All the things you learn help make you smarter as well.

Learn new things

A major component of personal development is education, learning, and knowledge. You can not only learn new skills and knowledge and education, but you also learn about yourself, about others, and about the world and humanity.

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Who We Are

El’Shabach Beauty was born out of passion for women, a sincere passion to be a blessing to every woman, by selflessly promoting her outward beauty with real clean Bionome (closest to nature as possible) through competitive services and products.

Our Services

The services provided includes the ONLY Bionome product in the world!



We use a combination of streams to optimize absorption and activate cell renewal. The different streams combined, brings an onset of rejuvenation and Rehydration for up to 21days.


Manicures & Pedicures

Hygienic Pedicures and Manicures performed at highest standards. Cuticle care, Full wet and dry buff and foot massage.



Enjoy a smooth skin with your choice of Hot or Cold waxes. See our pricelist for listings.