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The services provided includes the ONLY Bionome product in the world!

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Type Prices
Lymph Drainage
1 session
10 sessions
Air Massager as Maintanance R70.00
Massage Chair
20 min
Type Prices
Rife Therapy
Chiro Massage Chair
Solo treatment
Chiro Massage Chair
Added to any other treatment on the same day
BodySonic - Full Scan Health Analysis
90 min
BodySonic - Full Skin Analysis
BodySonic - Full Suppliment Analysis R450.00
BodySonic - Lymph Analysis & Supportive Treatment
BodySonic - Followup Scan & Supportive Treatment
More about BodySonic
Active ingredients Prices
Vitamin E, A, Lipid R 40.00
Vitamin C, H, De-Panthenol R40.00
Hualoron-Urea R40.00
Lecithin-Ceramid R40.00
Hualoronic Acid R40.00
After AHA Peel R40.00
Ceramides R40.00
Aloe Vera R40.00
Humidity R40.00
Vitamin A R40.00
Vitamin E R40.00
Evening Primrose R40.00
Horse Chestnut R40.00

Soft laser, ultra sound, high frequency, extraction, steamer and EMS's are used to meet individual needs in treatments. Specialized masks and ampoules for every skin type. Specialized non-surgical facelift.

Type Prices
Hydra Intense
EMS(i) - 60min
97% Rehydration in 7 days
Bridal Facial
120 min
Non-Surgical Facelift EMS(ii)
First Facial
120 min
EMS Add-on POA
Youthful You
60 min
Enhancing GLOW before big events
Deep Cleanse
60 min
(Needle FREE - Extraction machine)
Signature Facial POA
120 min
(incl. Brows shape & tint)
Lightning reflect / Absorption lift
EMS (i) and Ultrasound
90 min
Increased absoprtion for 14 days
Skin Logic Facials
Youthfull You
60 min
Deep Cleanse
60 min
Facial Add-Ons
AHA PEEL 20% R450.00
AHA PEEL 30% R450.00
EMS (i)
1 - 10 min
EMS (ii)
10 plus min
Type Prices
Manicure POA
Pedicure POA
Mini Pedi POA
Mini Mani POA
Type Individual Prices Couples Prices
Back Massage
30 min
R280.00 R560.00
Back, Neck & Shoulders
45 min
R320.00 R610.00
Full Body
60 min
R420.00 R750.00
Foot Massage
25 min
R150.00 R300.00
Hand Massage
25 min
R150.00 R300.00
Type Prices
Lashes Tint POA
Full Tint & Brows Wax POA
Brows Tint & Wax POA
Type Prices
Full Leg Azulene Wax POA
Half Leg Azulene Wax (above knee) POA
Half Leg Wax (below knee) POA
Underarm Hot Wax POA
Male Underarm Wax POA
Bikini Hot Wax POA
G/String Wax POA
Brazilian Wax POA
Full Arm Wax POA
Full Face Wax POA
Lip & Chin Wax POA

All inclusive packages

Our day packages are designed to meet individual needs. Slip away from the busyness’ of everyday routines, quiet your mind and recharge while being pampered - or buy a package as a voucher for a loved one!

First Package

Solo Time

Duration: 1 hour

  • FAR Blanket
  • Shower
  • Massage Chair
  • RIFE (Detox / Relax / Cell Renewal)


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Second Package

Pamper Express Spa Package

Duration: 2 hours

  • Full Body Scrub & Shower
  • Back Massage OR FAR Blanket
  • Express Facial & Light Peel
  • Light Wine Served


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Third Package

Pamper Spa Package

Duration: 3 hours

  • Welcome Drink
  • Full Body Scrub & Shower
  • Full Body Massage
  • With RIFE (optional) - Cell Renewal / Detox
  • Dr. Baumann Facial
  • Mini Pedi or Mani

R1 199.00

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Fourth Package

Pamper & Detox Spa Package

Duration: 4 hours

  • Full Body Scrub & Shower
  • FAR Blanket
  • Lymph Drainage & Back Massage
  • Light Lunch & Light Wine
  • Massage Chair or Air Massages (detox / zero gravity)
  • Express Facial & Light Peel

R1 499.00

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The BodySonic and Rife Therapy

The BodySonic decodes the frequencies emitted by the different organs of one's body. Its functioning is based on the science of bio-electro-magnetics, also known as bio-electromagnetism.

Reliable Health Analysis with a “organ-by-organ Balancing System” buid in function.

• Measure organ health
• Detects pathogens
• Put stress on pathogens
• Takes stress off body organs and cells
• Builds stronger immunity
• Measure supplement (vitamin and mineral) needs
• Detects toxins (including human toxins)
• Prompt all organs with “frequencies” to optimum health
• Measure and treat lymphatic system
• In-depth skin analysis

By analysing the 'scalar' frequency of each area and part of the body the BodySonic then creates an onscreen feedback of the condition through a colour measuring spectrum. Those areas that are not resonating to their optimum frequency are then balanced by the BodySonic through a process known as opposite waveform correction.

Although the BodySonic MRA is mainly a scanning device it offers also a treatment function. It is done by assimilating frequencies. Each body organ vibrates as its own frequency. The BodySonic then generates the frequencies to prompt the corresponding organs. One's brain is supposed to do this function but sometimes it is not capable to do this function anymore.

A good example is when one consumes too much sugar. The brain is used to activate the pancreas to generate sugars but as the body got artificial sugars from an outside source one slowly trains the brain to stop doing this function and one can become a diabetic.

RIFE THERAPY: Applying appropriate Rife Frequencies according to needs identified from BodySonic. Put stress on pathogens and take stress off body cells and organs. El'Shabach offers Rife Therapy rentals. Contact us on WhatsApp for more information.

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What makes our products different?

Our product guarantees 97% increase of moisture in 1 week and the products are the only bionome product in the world!

  • Free of Chemical Preservatives
  • Free of Mineral Oils
  • Free of Fragrance
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El’Shabach Beauty was born out of passion for women, a sincere passion to be a blessing to every woman, by selflessly promoting her outward beauty with real clean Bionome (closest to nature as possible) through competitive services and products.